About AsianPeaceProject
Social Support Haven for the anyone who stand up against racial bias, xenophobia and other forms of culture misrepresentations. Please share us your story of encounter and how you handled it, and whether or not you have made a positive change.

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Asian Peace Project is found when we feel we need a online platform for peaceful critical thinkers who are here to help solve problems by avoiding echo chamber and common biases that plague most onine communities.  We realize most of the "isms" surrounding our social conflicts nowadays are sprung from the subtle inner biases and thoughts that preceed the mindsets we allow ourselves to operate within.  Hence we strive to always converse in an exploratory dynamic with sounded response rather than quick judgement.  We think people usually don't agree with the definition of racism, stereotypes, xenophobia, since most people never admit they are racist because of self-serving bias, we are forced to deal with a problem that only one side sees.  The solution is to bring people with subtle subconcious bias to such awareness that will allow them to realize the potential effect of group think and stereotype magnified, we do not strife to be politically correct, or to shame any individual who succumb to any type of profiling, but rather to create that room for conversation to help us all to realize the power of words, ideas that shape many of our actions in a collective society. 

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